Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the straight path of righteousness

Why is it that lately I seldom hear sermons on repent. It's like the words that seem to mold my existence aren't heard or felt by others. Looking at some of my favorite saints I hear them speak of God's Mercy and His gifts of reconciliation. We heard it in church this past week, how no one was listening. They were following other god's. I think of souls to the likes of Noah and Jonah. How they heard God's plea to STOP AND LISTEN! Follow HIM! We are in a time of repentance right at this very moment. We must fast, pray, and quietly listen for His direction. Why then, am I feeling that somehow we got it all wrong. What if we had only forty days to convince God our Father that we are serious about following only His Son. Sadness sometimes overwhelms me. I feel we are following so many things of this world, before His son. So, today I fast, and I pray that maybe more would have the courage to remind us how weak we are. He will forgive us, but we must kneel before Him asking for forgiveness. Maybe, just maybe, people will see and follow.

Words I heard,
"We are to walk the straight path of righteousness so that the wisdom of God's love will shine forth upon us. We are to infuse our hearts with his teachings so that we may follow Him more precisely. We must trust that the loving arms of Mary, Our Mother will hold us lovingly in our times of distress. And, we must NEVER allow ourselves to be parted from Her loving embrace. She Is Our Mother.