Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweet Jesus, Show yourself

I have been learning a lot about dementia lately. A condition that use to cause me anxiety and sleepless nights. My mind has never been that great so I always worried that that would be my demise. I have been asked to bring Jesus to the memory support unit at a local nursing home. The patients struggle with every different stage of memory loss. I found a friend in the hall and she asked me as a stranger if I could help her and her friend find her way home. I told her of course, I knew where she lived and would be glad to take her there. When I brought her to her room she asked me if I was sure this was where she was staying,not recognising her roommate or any of her things. She started to cry telling me how she was so lonely, how her son was busy working and how she was perfectly well and needed to go home. Tomorrow she insisted, she was going home. How could I console her? I just took both hands and told her that she wasn't alone, she had a wonderful roommate who watched after her. Then she caught sight of some rosary beads I had brought her and said calmly, "I'm not alone. I have HIM. " Please dearest Jesus, when these women's thoughts get locked away where they can't reach them, show yourself. Sweet Mother Mary hold them in your arms like you did your son. Hear my prayers.