Monday, December 27, 2010

The gift of the Angels II

I continue with the angels.....
It is proof of His trust in the angels, whom He called to be our guardians, admonishers, and guides, and whom He likewise protects against us. He has clearly presented the angels as the bearers of His authority.

It is proof of His great love and care for mankind, for these words are addressed not to a single individual, but to every man especially to the individual members of the People of GOD(Reading taken from the Mass of the Guardian Angels, October 2nd.)

It is proof that angels have been equipped with higher power of mind, ability and authority because GOD has placed them above man and orders man to listen to the angels for,"My name is in him" (the authority of GOD).
It is a proof the GOD has coordinated the respective orders of angels and men so that together they may fight the enemies of GOD. It is proof of the actual help of the holy angels in their activity of encouraging, teaching,caring and fighting in the entire universe of man. But it is also a happy proof that if we fight for His kingdom with His angels, the True, Almighty and Faithful GOD will grant us victory, protect us, revenge us and take us into His heavenly dwelling. The guardian angels shall lead us to heaven!