Friday, April 1, 2011

It's all about the sacrifice

I had to share this thought and see what people thought of it. I was listening about the Pascal Sacrifice today and was reminded that the whole sacrifice of Passover was offering the Blood of the Lamb on their doorpost to save their 1st born son. We have all heard this, but today I put it together with how way back (for the Jews) the first born son was the priest of the family. Something like that. Now If we consider how much the sacrifice was removed from the mass, it may be easier to consider why we have so few priests. Without the blood of the Lamb, the first born sons would be lost. How often do we think only of the sacred meal instead of the fact that Jesus told us He would be the sacrifice.
The daily mass I attend it the Latin Low mass. I noticed that both reading were different than the Norvus Ordo mass today. We read about Moses and Aaron,(Num.20,2.3;6-13)striking the rock twice and the Lord said to them,"Because you were not faithful to shall not lead this community into the land I will give them.
This was Moses! A very faithful servant who doubted and changed what God wanted him to do. He suffered a great punishment. Why should we be any different. He said He was the Lamb of God ......... We must understand that If the Jews offered the lamb and than just ate it, they(their sons) would not have been saved. It had to be complete (blood on the doorpost) for the sacrifice to save them. I sure hope everyone understands the full sacrifice, not just the banquet.
This is what filled my head during holy mass today. I wonder what people thought about in the Norvus Ordo?
no blood sacrifice, no priests