Friday, October 9, 2009

Blind faith and trust is all we have!

Yesterday I traveled to Martha's Vineyard to attend a meeting Of LCM ( little Children Of Mary) Do to circumstances, I had to make the trip all in one day. It was the birthday of my friends who heads up this group and all trips of LCM to Haiti. I enjoy spending time with my friend. During the meeting, we went over minutes of the last meeting, discussed all new business and lastly started in the prayer time discussing how we as Little children of Mary have worked on bettering ourselves for Her and the cause we work together on. As I have shared , Margaret bases all inspiration on the messages from Our Lady Queen of Peace. All of a sudden Hell broke loose right in the middle of our meet. These women, the same ones we had just shared prayers with to Our Virgin Mother,for so many different intercessions,started expressing how they didn't want to increase their faith or conform their lives to Her teachings. I can't explain it but I saw Margaret lower her head and start praying in words that all could hear if they stopped arguing and listened. They said things like," I don't want to go to confession, I don't want to attend daily mass, I am perfectly happy just the way I am." I don't know what came over me(Maybe Mary and her most beloved spouse) but all that I had studied and read during my reconsecration about her being coredemptrix and the theories on private revelation and how our Pope is asked to come upon any decision in this regard. My heart opened and poured out on the floor in front of these six women. One was crying , one was agitated. Margaret asked that anyone who wished would take a cut message out of a wooden box and share it as the closing of the meeting. Some passed , but the messages we read were about continuing with prayer, Loving Her son, and I can't even recall, but I do remember that each reading felt like a personal gift hand picked for that very moment. I (or we) may never be totally sure of the validity of the revelations of Medgorje. What I do know is that in every private revelation we are asked to understand it's content and if it is for the greater good. For me I have prayed to God that I might understand His will in all of this. He keeps bringing me to the feet of Mary, Her arms are stretched out like a teacher. She is smiling and asking us to love Her son. How can I not listen and share this with LCM. Margaret called me as I traveled home, thanking me for my words, I told her I was very glad to open my heart for Her. That was the birthday gift I could give. BLIND FAITH AND TRUST, IS ALL WE HAVE. peace!