Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The sweater

I have been without a computer for a few weeks, and now we are hooked up to an old computer. I guess it will work for now.

I was attending mass on Martha's Vineyard last week. We spend much of the summer there where I walk to daily mass every morning in a small parish center. A woman walked in the door of this make-shift chapel who I didn't recognise. Something drew me to her. She was older maybe late 70's and well kept in a simple preppy way. She wore ked's and white socks with pom poms on the heals. I don't understand why she caught my eyes but she did. Anyway, I saw her arrive at mass day after day. No big deal. After the third day when I went home I started to think that the sweater she wore on that day was one like my mother had. Not recently but maybe in the late 1970's which was when my mother would have been in her 50's and I was a teenager. I couldn't stop thinking of the sweater. The next day when she entered the chapel she came and sat right beside me and she was wearing the sweater again. Tears started to stream down my face. It was like my mother in the form of a sweater came and visited me in that quiet time after morning rosary and before mass.