Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ave Maria, I love you

I have been very bust trying to complete all lessons Our Virgin has planned in preparation for my renewed consecration this Saturday. Let me just ask for your prayers that through her intercession, Mary the mediatrix of all graces might lead me closer to the Father and His divine will for my life.

O Mary Mother of God come into my heart that I may know you better
Clothe me with Your Holy Mantle that I may fear nothing
Allow me Mary, to rejoice in knowing your love for Jesus
Allow me Mary to cover my sins with the blood of Your Son
That his love may strengthen my faith
That my life may completely conform to the will of The Father
Sweetest Mother, bring me to the foot of the cross where I can see for myself the complete and profound love that has been poured out over me and the whole of creation
Allow me Mary to open myself fully to the gifts and graces you are holding for me
That I might share them with all that I meet
Mary, giver of all graces, I beg you now to be fully inspired by these gifts and to follow you to the kingdom
Ave Maria, I love you.