Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spiritual poverty

I have been learning what spiritual poverty is. I really feel that maybe God has allowed me to enter yet another room in my library of faith . I can't explain it exactly, but I feel I am being taught how to leave myself out of many decisions. It's like every morning,I leave on a journey without knowing it's destination. I really don't know how I have been allowed to go this far, but day by day minute by minute he leads me. She leads me. All I know is that when I live this way it allows Him to decide the outcome. In the midst of all of this I have been hampered by a case of tendinitis. The doctor has told me to rest my arm for a few weeks. That seemed okay until my computer crashed. It is now out at a shop. I probably will be another week without it. I really miss reading every one's blogs. I borowed this mac book to see what I have missed. There isn't enough time to read anything only see that I have missed a lot. I almost feel okay without any of it. So, for now I take a break from My Blog, email Etc. Maybe next week I will be back. Maybe at the moment my journey is better unshared. Peace to all of you!