Thursday, July 30, 2009

Keep your prayers to yourself !!!

This morning I had 2 different ideas to write in this blog, unfortunately a lesson in humility knocked the ideas right out of my head. I asked my pastor if I could please lead a prayer for priests before morning mass. In my heart I felt it was my place as a parishioner to pray for my priests. I thought many of the daily mass goers would agree and if they did would choose to join me. So, I asked. Well the answer I received was quite different than I imagined. I should have seen it coming. Why am I so naive. The answer I received was that people want their prayer life to be private, so keep your prayers to yourself. WOW!! That's all I want to say, except, thank you Father for reminding that when it comes to our parish, I am not in the "IN CROWD". I almost forgot! God Bless you. Sweetest Jesus and God Our Father, in the silence of my heart please hear me pray. Bless Our Priests