Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lead by the hand by Our Mother

This week I started my renewal of consecration to our Blessed Mother. Little did I know when I thought about my renewal this year, that it would become such an education. I decided to follow the Louis De Monteforte form of consecration. This was a book my son shared with me for my first consecration in 2007, I decided to reuse it this year. I had read a book MY IDEAL JESUS SON OF MARY in 2007 and 2008 but decided to read something different this year. I decided I had to try to educate myself on Mary because of something someone (a catholic) said to me at the Jesus Fest I participated in. This person would not agree with me that Mary WAS "the Immaculate Conception". He said that was impossible she was human. I fought to convince him otherwise without raising my voice or blood pressure. I decided that I had to learn a lot more about Our Mother in order to defend her with other Christians and Catholics I guess? Now that I think of it, many Catholics think Jesus was the immaculate conception and I have to admit that there was a time I thought He was that myself. I was a child of the 1960's -1970's and I don't really remember learning any of that. Well anyway, I went through the books my son gave me for Christmas(Recycled from his Maryology course at Franciscan University) and decided to read CONTEMPORARY INSIGHTS ON THE FIFTH MARIAN DOGMA. (edited my Dr.Mark Maravalle, my sons professor)I only picked it up today because I am busy on Martha's Vineyard helping with a visit from Honorable Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue, Haiti's Minister of Women's affairs and Rights.( That's another Mary story) It amazes me, how things work. This morning I consecrated to the two hearts because it is the celebration of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Then right from the start, the book tells that the fifth dogma formally unites those two heart. I haven't read very much of it, I am not even sure if the fifth dogma came to be, although I know we do have devotion to both now. I guess before August 15 when I renew my consecration I will know so much more about Mary and how she became coredemtrix. I hope I said that right.
"Sweet Mother Mary, I know you are asking for my defence, but never imagined how you would tie everything together like a Christmas package for me." WOW! I am such a simple small wife and mother that is being lead by the hand by Our Mother. All I had to do was ask.