Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jesus will be there, so will I

I have been called to represent my faith(Roman Catholic) at the Jesus Fest in my area. This was revealed to me through prayer in front of the blessed sacrament. So many different things confirmed my thoughts and prayers, so I inquired and made arrangements to be there. Many people in my community have warned me, even tried to convince me to bale out. Maybe run as fast an far away from this event as I can. I don't even think they have attended the event. Still with the support of my husband I will be there to share my love of Jesus with whomever comes to my table. I feel that there is something wrong with the walls that have sprung up between christian faiths. I have NO right to judge. If there is a celebration for Jesus, I AM GOING TO BE THERE.

Words I read at morning prayer: Romans 14: 12-13, 17-19
"Every one of us will have to give an account of himself before God. Therefore we must no longer pass judgement on one another, Instead you should resolve to put no stumbling blocks or hindrance in your brother's way.The Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking, but of justice, peace, and the joy that is given by the Holy Spirit. Whoever serves Christ in this way pleases God and wins the esteem of men. Let us, then, make it our aim to work for peace and to strengthen one another."

When the Holy spirit places so strongly into my heart and mind an action like this, I have to trust. I can not let the evils of the world discourage me. Jesus will be there! So will I.