Thursday, April 9, 2009

Preparing to celebrate the Triduum

I sit here at my computer for a final moment before I dress and prepare for tonight's mass. All I could think about today was how I may have failed Jesus this week running around trying to get everything ready for Easter. I somehow fell back to the old self worrying how everything could be perfect. Then a friend sat with me after morning prayer and just about in tears said how down she was because she had so much to do and would never finish everything in time. Out of my mouth came the words,"Is any of that so important that you should worry about it." We chatted very quietly and thanks to the Holy Spirit, I was able to once again, do what I start every day setting out to do. That is, give Him every breath . When I got home I thought of Peter and how he had such good intentions and still betrayed our Lord over and over. The thing was Jesus forgave him over and over. Why is that so hard for me to believe when I realize I have fallen once again. He has always picked me up and given me the sign that I am still His. This grateful child can only fall on my knees and say thank you. Thank you for Your mercy, thank you for Your forgiveness.