Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Will be traveling in November

Oh,if anyone follows my blog. I bought my ticket to Haiti. So far I may travel bare foot and empty handed, but I feel He has asked me to go.

The start of a new journey

Tonight we profess as Secular Franciscans. I left morning mass wanting to write about Jonah and how God called one person to make a difference in the lives of the Ninavites. How he quietly and persistently spoke to Jonah asking him to bring His words in front of them. I have felt this happening in my life and expect it happens more often than anyone might believe. He went to Jonah even though Jonah didn't feel worthy. He maybe wasn't sure in his heart, that the Ninavites deserved forgiveness. Do any of us deserved the forgiveness we ask for? No, I know I don't. I just can't believe how awesome God is that He speaks right to my heart. Let me share how my morning went. This is why the subject of this blog changed.
I left mass and headed to Springfield to have my windshield resealed for the third time. I was traveling through the X when I saw a woman walking. I couldn't tell her age. She had long black hair and carried a bag in one hand that seemed to be filled with her belongings. I found myself telling Jesus I can't stop. I need the three 20$ bills to buy my passenger book for the ferry tomorrow. I kept driving and heard "you have other money, look in your wallet.". I reached into my wallet and took out three one dollar bills and started to turn my car around. This is when I heard "no, you have to give her all that is in there."( I was saving myself $2.00 for God knows what) I took the 5 one dollar bills and looking down saw a pair of car rosary beads which I felt I had to include as part of my gift to this woman. I wrapped the bills around the beads. As I drove back I found myself pleading with Jesus that I wasn't too late, that I would see which direction she went. When I saw her I pulled down a side street and parked and approached her. I said I felt that she needed these 5 dollars. She mumbled something that I really didn't understand about not helping with the post office but that her laundry would be taken care of. She sat there on the edge of a cement planter, with a wool coat over her arm and a clear bag of her belongings beside her, in white bedroom slippers that bared all but the instep of her foot. A giant smile came over her face. She started rocking back and forth like she was in a rocking chair grinning the biggest grin that didn't go away. It was like that 5 dollars was a million dollars that had been given to her. I walked back to my car and when I drove past she was still rocking and grinning. I started to cry realizing He taught me on this special day what I needed to know most. Francis is alive and living in me. In the past He has asked me to share EVERYTHING. In my heart this is what I want to do. Yet, I find myself in this world where people have no value unless they have some great job with a good salary. I don't want any of that. I just want to bring Him out into the world. Profession is a life long journey, We will walk it together.