Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A peek at the Mission

I have been silent on this blog. As I have written I was in Jamaica. Things went differently then we expected. This seems the usual coarse of things in my life. His plan is always different then mine. I was very lucky because someone up there created a special job that I only could do. This took me away from what others were doing, but kept me much busier than others. He knows I feel that my missions should be busier. The first evening when we were being given the run down on events Brother Michael asked if anyone knew how to stencil. I, being an art major many years ago said I could do it. Little did I know it meant working with an old exacto knife and oaktag file folders. Then a sharp but more difficult to handle box cutter and a 6 inch metal ruler. My work area was an opened cardboard box put on the church stairs, the kitchen table and then an old desk in the poorly lit lower room in the mission parish center that we were helping with. Anyway it came out. I was happy to add the commemorative title of Mother Mona FSE to the outside of the building. On Thursday we had to quickly leave because of civil unrest. We were brought to a hotel where we were treated to a day and a half of comfort. It was not necessary, but God's will. The children captured my heart. I hope our parish will continue to help.