Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Changes for the good

I haven't written a post in a very long time.  Please first let me apologise for any pride filled or boastful things I  may have written in the past.  I have been through many changes.  Keith and I have left the Secular Franciscan's and are postulants in the Association of Brothers and Sisters of Penance. The Franciscan's  decided to abandon the rule Francis had given in the year 1221 for Third Order Franciscan's( a truth we were kept from knowing) some time on the 70's.  When this came to my attention, I shared it with Keith,  they would not allow us to follow his rule ,so we were forced to leave them.  Anyway we have started our own association and have been learning how to follow Francis' rule.  I regularly (almost daily) attend the Traditional Latin mass  and have been trying to change from the Christian Prayer book to the Roman Breviary which has the readings that follow theTLM  Roman Missal in accord with the Code of Rubrics, affective Jan., 1961.  I truly believe Francis has brought us to this beautiful Sanctuary.  I pray for the guidance of our Blessed Mother, and I ask that you remember, "Adoramus te Christe, Adoramus te Christe" and look to what the church has always taught.  Look to the saints, to the doctors of the church, what they followed.  What they proclaimed as truth.  What they died for.   Follow them, they will lead you to the fullness of His truth.  I place this blog under the protection of Our Lady of Grace.
pax et bonum.

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  1. Glad I have found your site too. Let us pray for each other. Fr. Joseph